On the site at the 2NE1 rehearsal ‘Serious yet lively’!

On the 18th in the afternoon at the KBS Sports World Gymnasium in west Seoul.

These four girls, who although dressed in casual wear, cannot hide their charisma, are deeply engaged in conversation with foreigners. The girls in question are no other than idol group 2NE1.

With their Seoul concert approaching quickly, in order to prepare appropriately for the occasion, these girls are engulfed in passion to prepare every single movement they will be doing on stage, with world class performance staff.

On the 28th and the 29th, they will be holding their individual concerts at Olympic Park located in Seoul. Since this will be their first domestic concert in a year, as well as the kick off for their world tour, it holds extraordinary meaning to the members.

Unprecedented before in the Korean music industry, YG Entertainment has prepared the stage and lighting arrangements that they will be using at the actual concert at the KBS Sports World Gymnasium two weeks before the actual concert, and is ensuring that the 2NE1 members get sufficient practice in before.

The expenses laid out for these rehearsals, which began on the 16th, were not small, however YG is using this to repay 2NE1 for their great determination to present the greatest of performances for this concert.

2NE1 will be practicing until the 22nd at the KBS Sports World Gym, and move on to the actual gymnasium in Olympic Park on the 25th.

Even on the 4th day of their concert rehearsal, the 18th, the 2NE1 members displayed serious expressions while practicing.

YG representatives stated “From the very first day, the girls have been putting their greatest efforts in their practice starting at 1PM and going till 11PM at night.”

What caught our eyes is 2NE1′s frequent conversations held between them and the top class performance staff from around the world. World class choreographer and director, Travis Payne, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Madonna, etc. and who has received awards at the MTV Video Music Awards for his work, along with assistant director, Stacy Walker, consults 2NE1 about even the finest details. Usually she talks with the leader, CL, then CL passes the message along to the members. Then the members proceed to get back to work.

Star News met with Travis Payne on location who complimented them greatly, “2NE1 is a surprising girl group.” “It’s obvious that they’re amazing at music and performances, but they’re also confident and cute.”

He smiled and continued, “Even at the thought of seeing 2NE1′s performance, I’m excited.”, “I’m excited to see 2NE1 grow up as artists in the future, and I feel honoured to have been able to work with them.”

Being surrounded by people from production designer, Michael Cotton, who has participated in the designing of the Super Bowl as well as the Olympics, to the bassist and director of Beyonce’s band, Divinity Roxx, 2NE1 is absorbed in their preparations. But instead of being timid, the girls are lively engaging themselves with the staff members, and are working to connect the dots of their performance amongst this friendly atmosphere.

Although the 2NE1 members are worn out, they can be seen diligently taking care of their managers and company staff.

Gong Minji, who has turned 18 this year and resident cutie pie, has recently been obsessed with playing with remote control cars during break time, and bringing up the mood of those around her.

Just like this, 2NE1, although serious, has been preparing for the first concert of their world tour in a lively manner. As a result, is even more of a reason to anticipate meeting these girls at the end of this month.

Source: Naver
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com 

This post is posted on Thursday 19 July 2012.
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